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Catherine Bedeski

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Catherine is a professional editor, interpreter and translator in English, Spanish, French and Mandarin with over ten years of experience. She also has a strong network to meet your interpretation and translation needs in other languages such as Cantonese, Italian, German, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Indian. Catherine lives in Seattle, Washington, United States. She has worked on 125+ projects as both a freelancer and as an employee for a professional editing and translating company. She has also taught and mentored students at all levels.

Catherine has lived in many different countries including Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Colombia and the United States. She was born into a multi-lingual household, and grew up speaking English, Mandarin and French. Catherine completed most of her schooling in French while growing up in Canada. She attended middle school in Tokyo, Japan when she was 12 years old. Catherine earned an undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering and an MBA from the University of Victoria, Canada. In addition, she has studied and advanced her Spanish skills at the university level while living in Medellin, Colombia.

Catherine specializes in interpreting and translating, and enjoy collaborating with emerging authors, self-employed individuals and small to large businesses. She offers interpretation services, as well as translation of websites, print material, interactive PDF and eBooks for Kindle, Nook and iBooks. Catherine can also proofread and translate branding strategies and marketing materials (postcards, business cards, logos, email campaigns, custom websites or assistance with WordPress and other blogging platforms).

Services Offered: